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Common Contact Lens Mishaps And How To Remedy Them

If you recently went to an eye doctor to find out whether you are a candidate for wearing contact lenses, you are most likely excited in ditching your spectacles for these handy vision correcting apparatuses. When you wear contact lenses, there are a few incidents that are possible to occur which would make you slightly uncomfortable or that could alter your vision. Here are some of these mishaps so you are aware of the signs indicating you need to make an adjustment to remedy the situation.

Vision Seems Blurry

Make sure you have placed the appropriate contact lens in each of your eyes if you have different prescriptions for each one. The case you use to hold your lenses should have a "L" and "R" marking on the lid of each reservoir to aid in keeping your lenses from getting mixed up. If blurriness is a problem, you may have accidentally placed the wrong lens in each eye. Switch them to see if this fixes the problem. If not, use an all-purpose cleaning solution for contact lenses to remove any smudging from the surfaces of the lenses. Store the lenses in clean solution for several hours before trying to place them back into your eyes.

A Len Gets Lost

If you place a contact lens in an eye and then find you are still unable to see as you wish, there is a chance it has slid away from the pupil area. If you have clear contact lenses, they are a bit difficult to find if they are on a portion of your eye. Often a contact lens will shift upward and be resting underneath an eyelid. Lift your eyelid up and use the pad of your index finger to gently swipe the surface of the eye in a downward direction. If you are unable to find a lens and you are able to feel it in your eye, ask another person to assist in locating it for you if possible. A trip to an eye doctor, such as at San Juans Vision Source, will be necessary if it remains under your lid without you being able to successfully move it without hurting your eye in the process.

Eyes Feel Dry

Many people who wear contact lenses find their presence will cause their eyes to feel dry after several hours. To aid in lubricating the lenses, a re-wetting solution will be necessary. This can be found in the eye care section of a home goods store or you can purchase it directly from your vision care provider. Simply add a drop or two to each eye when you feel as if your contacts are getting dry. Dryness will often alter the vision you obtain as well as cause contacts to fall out. Keeping this solution on hand will alleviate these problems instantly.